Electrodes RUTWELD rutile E6013, 2.5X350 mm - 1kg

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⌀ 2.5x350

Box: 1 kg

EN ISO 2560-A
E 38 0 RC 11
DIN 1913
E 43 22 R(C)3
AWS A-5.1
E 6012/E 6013

RUTWELD 12 - 6012/6013
  • Medium coated rutile – cellulosic electrode
  • Suitable for welding in all positions using welding transformers available on market, also for 230V
  • Possibility of welding with alternating current (off-load voltage state below 42V)
  • Very good welding properties, slag removes easily, very good fluidity of welding, stable and elastic arc, good arc concentration
  • Very good first and next ignition
  • For making joint penetrations also in pipelines in out-of positions
  • Doesn’t require a lot of experience
53 Items